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22-Apr-2016 15:16

If the knowledge of Pickup spreads, the average seasoned PUA’s chances of getting laid will have dwindled like a died up prune.

The hidden beauty though is that even if Pickup/Seduction was to go big time, only a small percentage of men will have had the intestinal fortitude and will to actually carry out the process.

Because sex is a zero-sum game in which one male's success is another male's involuntary celibacy, the AMOG's "success" (read: stealing your female) means the total failure of every other AFC.

An alpha widow is every female who has ever dated an alpha in the past, which means that her current beta male lover is merely a placeholder until she can get her next alpha fix.

I mention all of this because one of the things I’m always pushing against are the toxic philosophies that so often masquerade as dating advice.

The Pick-Up community, for example, be of use to men wanting to do better at dating, in theory…

Much like those females riding the carousel, alpha widows aren't capable of genuine change and vacillate between blind attraction and cynical manipulation of her significant others.

and other aspects of the "feminist-influenced" gay movement.

In fact, many of these cultural biases end up coloring the study of relationships and human sexuality, letting confirmation bias and naturalistic fallacies distort scientific inquiry.

In direct opposition to not all women are like that, the assertion that all women are like that means that females are hard-wired to respond to certain situations in a certain way; and that, more specifically, if given the opportunity, they will tend to behave as manipulative, abusive, sociopathic, destructive, drama-oriented liars.

To the extent that women differ from one another, it is in how and to what extent (rather than whether) they manifest these traits when they are allowed to do so.

For this reason, seduction and game will never be accepted by men on a wide scale because the average guy is too much of a pussy and lazy to step outside of the proverbial box of mainstream-dating consciousness.

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rules for dating a separated man

Ok, what I wanna talk about here is men, who for the most part, unconsciously cock-block other men from tapping ass.

Nevertheless, when starting out, many aspiring PUAs feel the need for guidelines and tips to help them with their kino. If she says yes, say, okay, let’s do the trust test. Squeeze them lightly – if she squeezes back, she passes.